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Sep 18, 2012 4:55am EDT
half a game of first place, new york yankees, baltimore opened a 3-game cushion over the los angeles angels for a second al wild card spot. the a's are in the first post season tickets on sale on saturday morning. there are ways to get on that presale ticket list, you can enter for a chance to win presales at season. you have until noon today. if you have chosen, you are going to receive an email with the presale info with exclusive on line sales that start thursday at 2:00. the final option is the public sale. this saturday, at 10:00 a.m. on the ore controls website. the orioleses will play against the mariners tonight. first pitch, 10:10. time for a check on the weather. it's rainy morning. is that the team all day? >> pretty much the theme all day. you can see, behind me, baltimore, north, is getting wet worth. baltimore south, dealing with drier weather. that's not going to last long. let me broad p oh tut view for you so you can see what is going on. most of the wet weather is towards the north and also the west and the south. coming in as we go through time. be
Sep 24, 2012 4:55am EDT
the governor's ball in los angeles. jew la louise dreyfuss won. >>> homecoming weekend, towson takes a violent turn landing dozens in police custody. it's been a year since a car crash killed two teens. the person behind the wheel heads to court. >>> no sign of a missing college student , the latest on the search for christian. >>> thank you for joining us. welcome back, congratulations. >> i have been showing pictures throughout the commercial break, baby olivia. she is so small. >> yeah. >> she is like a little person. >> she is a little person. >> not like a little person, she is a little person. we have gorgeous weather to welcome her in to the world. really, the story this morning is how chilly it is. >> it is chilly. i didn't see you in a jacket this morning. >> she had like a parka. >> it is cold outside. it's 50 right now in buoy. 53 notingham. friendsship 47. we should be at 55 for a low temperature. the good news is, the winds are calm this morning. we don't have to deal with a windchill as of now. we have one lone shower in pennsylvania. we will stay dry throughout the day. this is
Sep 7, 2012 4:55am EDT
cos lead to a form of autism with epilepsy which could be treated with a dietary supplement. the "los angeles times" reporting that it comes from a gene that controls the breakdown of proteins. some gene mutations break the proteins down too fast and that results in a severe form of autism. if it's treatable, then that dietary supplements could do the job. >>> so the saying what happens in vegas stays in vegas. it appears it is true for a british royal. >> yeah an investigation intothe nude photos of prince harry. what popped up and it's happening. we will tell you why. >> all right. one of america's comedic couples taking a break. we will tilly. >> -- fill you in on the split of amy poeller and will aroundett -- arnett. are both of those people really funny? >> yes. >> ♪ [ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport. uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." as in creamy yogurt dow
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3